Nearly 90% of the French population drink coffee. The French are the 8th largest consumers of coffee in the world. With an average of 5.8 kilograms of coffee per person each year, they are right after the Americans. Of the 90% of French people who consume coffee, 85% consume coffee daily including 80% at breakfast 67% after lunch and 26% in the afternoon.

The French consumption of coffee, which annually reaches nearly 300 000 tonnes of coffee accounts for 6.6% of world coffee imports. was the reason behind our concept of Devinci’s coffee, a place that offers ambiance with no pretense, friendly baristas, delicious homemade food and of course, the legendary coffee. We believe in what a cup of coffee can do to enrich lives.

The AD

  • Build Awareness: After watching the video people have to recall & recognize the new product of Devinci Coffee.
  • Influence consideration: After watching the advertisement, people get influenced in trying out newly launched product i.e. golden beans coffee.
  • Drive sales: After watching the video, the goal is to drive people to visit the landing page and order online; to try our newly launched product.

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